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Sunday School, Youth and Adult Bible classes for all people ages 3 to 103 are held during our Education Hour on Sundays at 10:15 AM, September to May. Call 507-451-2720 to register children or for more information about our Sunday School program.

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Our Youth group conducts an annual Peach fundraiser which generates funds for youth trips and other activities.


The following is based on the commitment that individuals are asked to make in our church when they serve as sponsors for Holy Baptism. It also serves as a good job description for Christian parents.

After your children have been baptized you are at all times to remember them in your prayers, put them in mind of their baptism, and, as much as in you lies, give your counsel and aid. You are to see that they are brought up in the true knowledge and worship of God and are taught the Ten Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed and the Lord’s Prayer. As they grow in years, place in their hands the Holy Scriptures, bring them to the services of God’s house and provide for their further instruction in the Christian faith, so that they gladly come with you to the sacrament of Christ’s body and blood. Thus, abiding in their baptismal grace and in communion with the Church, they may grow up to lead godly lives to the praise and honor of Jesus Christ.

2014 & 2015 Vacation Bible School


PARENTS! Learn how to talk confidently with your children about sex by using the popular "Learning About Sex" series from Concordia Publishing House. Copy and paste this link in your browser for more information: Popular

AND ANOTHER great parenting resource can be found at: The Hausvater Project. This ministry provides resources to equip fathers and mother to meet the spiritual needs of their children.